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Lightingliving room interior with stairs

When it comes to lighting your office or home you need to know which fixture will give off the right amount of light and more so, what power to run. Other factors include positioning of the install and of course what style or type of like fixture is needed.



Windebank supplies all types of electronic devices, from home theatre projectors and speakers to wireless controllers. Contact us to learn more or to view our catalogue.

Home TheatreModern Home Theater Room Interior with Flat Screen TV

Planning a Home Theater can be deceiving and complicated. It is important to know where to run your wires and install your devices so they are easily accessible. It is important to know where your speakers will be installed and how far your projector should be placed.

Surveillance mega camera's concept with a gradient backgroundCamera’s

Installing surveillance cameras within your property can be done at a low cost and can increase the security of your home or business. There are several types of cameras available that can be monitored by desktop or from a mobile device. Video storage allows you to record footage for a set time depending on the size of storage needed.

Flooringchauffage au sol

In floor heating is a common product in new construction or home renovations. We supply several types of floor heating products, from Commercial grade to Residential installs.

Thermostat temperature digital setting in a modern homeElectric Heat

Using electric heat in basement suites or through out your property is an excellent way to control the temperature in each room. It is great to offer in separate suites because it allows the home owner to control this comfort. The duct work when using forced air can allow noise and even smells travel into adjoining units.

Generatorsportable gasoline generator. isolated

Either gas or electric, Generators force electricity to an external source. These are beneficial to use during power outages or where electricity isn’t available. They come in different sizes that produce more or less power depending on the use.

Electrical switch gear and circuit breakers

Panel Boards

Each home or commercial property has a panel board or box which is a component of an electricity supply system that separates an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or breaker for each circuit, in a common panel board.

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