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Q. I have an electrical breaker that keeps tripping. Should I just replace the fuse, or is there a larger problem?
A. That tripping breaker is a sign that you have a problem with a specific circuit in your electrical system. One of our trained technicians can identify the problem and correct the cause of your problem rather than merely addressing the symptom.
Q. My electrical panel is warm to the touch and is emitting a buzzing sound. What should I do?
A. You should IMMEDIATELY turn off as many electrical devices and lights as possible and then call a licensed electrical contractor to examine your electrical system. An overloaded system can be potentially dangerous and should be addressed by a skilled professional.
Q. How much will something like that cost me?
A. This is a question we hear before every job and there is no set answer. Our skilled technicians will discuss your problem with you, make an examination of the site and diagnosis of the problem he will present you with options and a plan of action to solve it. At that time he will give you an estimate of costs.
Q. I live in a condo and have upstairs and downstairs neighbours. Can I install additional lighting or electrical lines in my home?
A. The professional electricians at W.J. Windebank Ltd. are experts at finding innovative ways to bring power to awkwardly placed areas and can present you with various ways of installing the power supply you need.
Q. I have just purchased a new appliance. Can I hook it up myself and can my electrical system handle the increased load?
A. We strongly advise anyone with a need for electrical connections to contact a trained professional electrician rather than trying to do the job yourself. We will perform a load calculation using data from the Canadian Electrical Code to determine whether your panel needs to be upgraded and ensure that all wires are correctly connected. Then you can enjoy your new appliance without worry.
Q. Are whole-house surge protectors really necessary?
A. Like any safety precaution, installing a whole-house surge protector might seem like an unnecessary expense… until it’s needed. It can cost as much as $10,000 to replace the electronics in a typical Canadian household and as much as twice that amount if you operate a home office, have a modern entertainment system, or have installed new appliances. A trained electrician from W.J. Windebank Ltd. can assess your home’s needs and advise you on the best and safest solution to electrical surges.
Q. I have aluminum wiring and have been advised to replace it. Is this really necessary?
A. Aluminum wiring is much less expensive than copper, but it presents electrical problems that copper wiring does not. Aluminum wiring can lead to loose connections and electrical arcing, melting and could potentially cause a fire. Each home is unique and must be judged on an individual basis. An inspection performed by a trained licensed electrician is your best insurance against tragedy.
Q. My house still has the old knob & tube wiring. I haven’t had any problems yet, but should I be concerned?
A. There are so many demands on today’s electrical systems that didn’t exist when your wiring was installed that it is very doubtful your old system could sustain the load of today’s typical home electrical demands. Not only is your power supply less than optimal, but a system that old could have developed insulation or connectivity problems that should be addressed by a trained professional. Contact our office to schedule an in-home assessment of your electrical wiring’s safety.
F.A.Q. October 10, 2013

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